Sunday, April 18, 2010

Growth takes time or bloom where you are planted

So it has been a long time since I have posted anything. For a while (the month of March) I did a technology fast. My goal was to have more time with the Lord, and to address some of the areas of my life I have been avoiding.....I think about posting, I plan to post, I mentally rehearse my posts---but alas. Unfortunately, I am in an unusual place now---and since I feel I can only post when I am happy, upbeat and excited about life...well, I have not been feeling those things consistently, so....

Today, however, I am in a good place. It is still an in-between place---planting, watering, being rained upon, reaping, and then the darn pruning! I am learning to wait patiently for the Lord to lead me, guide me, and nurture me. I do a lot of nurturing of others---and I need someone to help me nurture ME. Sure, I do it, and it would be nice if there were someone regularly tending to my needs and, my weeds.

The children and I worked in the yard today--we planted several things geraniums, tomato plants, jasmine among them, and watered. We had a lovely time.

Now comes the waiting. Because growth takes time.

And so it is with me---I am needing some things in my life to change, yet I feel they will not. Is it pruning time? Or weeding time? Lord how do I know?

My mother always would tell me when we moved, "Em, bloom where you are planted." And so, I try.....

Growing and/or blooming,

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~Leslie said...

I didn't even see this post until today.

I'm sorry you're feeling "not happy & upbeat." I do understand the feeling. I've been fighting with it myself.

For me, blogging helps--whether reading others or writing on my own. It's my therapy. My way of tending to me. Find what helps you and do that will all your might!

I will continue to do what I can from afar!

I love you!!!