Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where My Stitches At??!

So there is good news and no news! LOL!

Let me start with the 'no news:' We haven't been here in awhile (can you tell?)!

Now for the good news: We have been knitting and working on a multitude of projects during our "time out." We are also in the process of updating the look of this blog and have plans for a weekly blog post for the new year.

I've completed school and am now a Massage Therapist (in addition to all the other titles I hold-lol!). Emilie is finishing up her schooling this week! YAY!! So we are making a commitment to ourselves that in the new year we will take care of our needs too! I read on Sarah's blog that needs are needs--no matter whose they are--they are needs! As wives and mothers we something lose sight of that until things get in a bad place and then we quickly try to back peddle. Well, no more baby!

We wish each of you a peaceful holiday season and invite you to check back with us in the new year. We'd love to have you along for the ride--it's gonna be a ride! LOL!

(If you want an update on my projects--click here.)